TechExpo 2016 Registration is Open!

OK, everyday superheroes, registration for TechExpo 2016 is open!

To register

Visit between now and March 30 if you want lunch at the conference. We’ll take registrations beyond that, even walk-ins at the conference, but we can’t guarantee lunch to late registrants.

What we’ll want to know

In addition to personal information, like Duke Unique ID and department you support (not anything really personal, like whether you wear your superhero costume to bed), we want to know:

·         Where you’ll probably park for the event

Only those holding special passes will be able to park at the Washington Duke this year.. If you do fly, or if you have a Superhero Copter you can land on the roof, you’ll be good. To help alleviate the stress of finding a parking spot for everyone else, we’ve reserved spaces at Parking Garage III (call it our event Park & Ride) and arranged for shuttles throughout the day—to and from there and from other likely parking locations, like University Tower, Hock and the American Tobacco Campus—all trackable on the TransLoc Rider app. Please let us know your preference. You may pick a different location later.

·         The top sessions you’re interested in

Your feedback isn’t binding. We’re not, like, supervillains who will kidnap you and tie you to a chair in the session you told us you were going to see. (No one is that cruel.) But your responses will give us a good idea of how to schedule the sessions and how big a room each will need, so please play along.

·         Whether you’ll be eating lunch with us, and whether you have any special needs

As with last year, we’ll be doing buffets that will give most people who have dietary preferences a wide choice. But if you have a dietary restriction (like, peanuts are your Kryptonite), we need to know.

How long do you have?

The deadline for registration including lunch is March 30 (that’s 11 business days), so don’t procrastinate! You can still register after March 30, but we won’t be able to provide lunch to late registrants. (Yes, we are being villainous about this.)