Classroom Capture and Video Recording

Duke provides services for capturing lectures and events; converting captured media to other formats and distributing media; and technical consultation and resources for helping you with these projects. Some services are offered directly, and some in close partnerships with technology groups throughout the university and health system.

  • DukeCapture - An automated lecture and event recording solution deployed in over 120 classrooms across the Duke campus. It allows for automatic publication to many different services including streaming and podcasting servers such as DukeStream, Sakai, and iTunes U.
  • ViTaL is an exploratory program of the Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) to empower faculty to create educational videos by providing access to equipment, self-service options, and opportunities for peer-support. Throughout the exploratory period, Learning Innovation and OIT will assess the support needed for Duke faculty to fully benefit from being able to create videos to support teaching and learning.
  • WebEx - Duke's WebEx service can be utilized in to record collaborative sessions that can be shared with students and other Duke and non-Duke collaborators.
  • Screen Capture - There are a number of screen capture utilities that can support recording what you do on a computer and create a movie of the recording that can be shared. For information on options and training, the Center for Instructional Technology has recommendations as well as consultation services.