Web Publishing

A variety of services are available to support faculty, staff and student web publishing needs. These service options range include support for free publishing tools, consultation for major web projects and custom web development. Whether you're looking for do-it-yourself platforms or fully integrated responsive custom web sites, Duke has a services to meet the needs.

Web Service Providers

Duke has a number of service options available centrally or within schools/departments. These service providers help determine the appropriate tools and platforms to meet your needs as well as provide varying levels of support.

Central IT Web Services

  • Duke Web Services - Duke Web Services is Duke's in-house web group under the Office of Information Technology (OIT). We build custom, responsive sites that match clients' needs while fully integrating with the mission of Duke University – from branding to systems integration.
  • DHTS Web Services - DHTS Web Services is are part of Duke Health Technology Solutions, formed to provide web strategies and execution for Duke Medicine. Based on our web strategies, we provide fee-based web services ranging from simple web sites to complex web portals.

School and Departmental Web Services

The following schools offer in house web services for their faculty, staff and departmental needs. These services are managed in consultation with central IT service providers to address local needs while adhering to Duke branding, design and security standards.

Web Publishing Tools

  • Sites@Duke, Duke's Wordpress service - Duke's WordPress service provides an easy way for Duke faculty, staff, and students to set up a website or blog using predefined design templates (themes) and plugins that users can choose to enable within their sites as they see fit. There is no charge to users.
  • DukeWiki, a Duke collaboration platform - DukeWiki is designed to make it easy for you and your team to share information with each other, and with the world.
  • Sakai, course management for Duke faculty and students -Sakai is a flexible, open-source collaboration and learning environment that provides Duke faculty and instructors with tools to support teaching and learning activities.
  • Microsoft Sharepoint, an administrative web-collaboration platform -Microsoft SharePoint is an easy-to-use web-collaboration platform that provides an integrated suite of server capabilities including comprehensive content management, enterprise search, shared business processes and information-sharing facilitation.

Other Web Resources

  • Duke Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications (OMSC) - The Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications (OMSC) assists Duke units with strategic planning for a wide range of projects, identifying and overseeing internal and external vendors of communications services, and creating opportunities for schools and departments to collaborate on communications and marketing activities. OMSC also manages the vendor certification program for graphic design, web design, and web development.
  • Duke Style Guide - This guide provides basic information about – and tools for using – the Duke University brand, and offers flexibility for schools, institutes and centers to simultaneously pursue their own brand needs.
  • Setting Up a Feed from the Events@Duke Calendar - Duke's online event calendar, Events@Duke, offers a comprehensive listing of Duke events, including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, cultural activities and more. Duke organizations are encouraged to use the calendar as their primary source for entering events. Groups can then "pull" events from the calendar for publication on their own public Web sites using the available feeds. Events@Duke uses Bedework software, developed by RPI.