Duke phone system

All phone service needs for the university and health system are managed by OIT. If you need assistance with your phone or voice mail or would like to purchase a business cell phone, visit our Phone Service for information. Your office phone service will be set up by a coordinator in your department. If phone service has not been set up for you already, please work with your local support personnel to get an office phone installed and activated.

Using your desk phone: user guides for the most common desk phone models used at Duke.

Telephone and Network Support

Managing phones for your department or organization

For departmental ongoing phone service, organizations are billed by allocation through the Budget Office. Questions about billing these charges should be directed to the Finance Office.

For all other charges, organizations are billed through our financial system, SAP. Questions about these charges should be directed to the OIT Service Desk.

Other Phone Services

When an employee leaves, contact the OIT Service Desk to have the phone number disconnected (or reassigned) and to terminate other services. See What to Do When an Employee Leaves for additional information.

Call Recording Services to access system please use this link, to request services please enter a service now ticket.

Wireless phones

You may qualify for Duke-paid cellular service cellular phones , which will be arranged through your local support personnel using a valid cost center code. If not, you may be able to take advantage of discounts available to Duke employees from AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Read more in the section on faculty and staff wireless service.