Voice, Mobile and Data

Wired Phones

Duke's Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides wired phone services. 

Managing phones for your department or organization

  • Department billing for telephone charges: 
    • For ongoing phone service, organizations are billed by allocation through the Budget Office. Questions about these charges should be directed to the Finance Office.
    • For all other charges, organizations are billed through our financial system, SAP. Questions about these charges should be directed to the OIT Service Desk.
  • Initiating or changing service
  • Call center services (to spread calls evenly among customer service representatives)
  • When an employee leaves, contact the OIT Service Desk to have the phone number disconnected (or reassigned) and to terminate other services. See What to Do When an Employee Leaves for additional information.

OIT provides additional extensive information related to these services on the OIT wired phone web site

Duke Mobile

Duke is committed to delivering information to you when, where and how you want to get it. To that end, we’re developing web-based information and applications for use on the most common mobile platforms: the multi-touch iPhone and iPod touch, Android devices and other mobile devices that use wireless access points (WAP devices). We call our mobile suite DukeMobile.

  • Get DukeMobile on your Android device:  Visit the Android Market and search for the DukeMobile app.
  • Get DukeMobile on your iPhone or iPod touch: To install DukeMobile on your iPhone or iPod touch, visit the DukeMobile page in the iTunes App Store and click on “Get App.”
  • To use DukeMobile on other devices, visit mobile.duke.edu on your device browser.

Data Network Connectivity

Duke's campus has wired Ethernet connectivity throughout residence halls, libraries, academic and administrative buildings, research labs and many classrooms. The standard connection speed is 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet), though 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) is selectively available in academic and research buildings. Wireless network access is available throughout Duke's residence halls and academic and administrative buildings. Outdoor coverage is provided at the Bryan Center Pavilion, Duke Gardens and Krzyzewskiville. For additional details regarding these servcies, check the Networking Services section of this web site or the OIT network and security site

Note also that Duke provides a separate, low-bandwidth network for visitors. Visitors should choose the "DukeOpen" wireless network. Because the visitor network does not require NetID registration, the service eliminates the need to issue temporary NetIDs to visitors requiring network connections. The visitor network is not as robust as the "Dukeblue" network; visitors will be able to use it primarily for web surfing and connecting via virtual private network back to other secure networks. The visitor network will not allow access to many services available through the "Dukeblue" network. If you have a Duke NetID, you should choose the "Dukeblue" wireless network, and then register your device on that network following the instructions on the Get Connected page. If you have questions about Duke’s wireless networks, please contact the OIT Service Desk.