Internet of Things (IoT) Project Showcase

In 2017-18, the Duke Digital Initiative (a collaboration between OIT and Learning Innovation) gave away over 500 SparkFun Inventor's Kits for Photon Internet of Things (IoT) kits to students on campus to encourage open exploration of IoT technologies and maker approaches to problem solving. This event will showcase projects of students who created (or tried to create) something with their kits or using other IoT components. Prizes will be given to the best projects. All Duke students are invited to submit a project by 5:00PM on Thursday March 22 using the showcase submission form. (Link:

Duke faculty, staff, and students as well as area community members are invited to attend to see the projects and to talk to the students who made them. No registration is required to attend; refreshments and door prizes will be available.

Projects will include:
*The Cost of Knowing
*Web Controlled LED Matrix
*Did Duke Win (IoT version)
*LED Jellyfish Bot
*Dorm Room Light Switch
*Smart Dorm Room Sign
*Smart Thermostat
*Home Security System
*Vending Machine
*Automated Wireless Room Chauffeur

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 11:30 to 13:30
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Duke Learning Innovation,Office of Information Technology (OIT)
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The TEC - Technology Engagement Center
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Evans, Elizabeth A.
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