Info Session: Earn your JD and Masters Simultaneously

Interested in the Law & Ethics of Advances in Science and Technology?

The Duke JD/MA program enables students to obtain a JD and an MA in Bioethics & Science Policy in three years and one summer practicum/job placement.

As science and technology continue to progress at an unparalleled clip law, ethics, and policy struggle to keep pace with regulation and oversight. New possibilities are seemingly endless: use of gene editing and mitochondrial DNA replacement in human embryos; conscripting artificial intelligence and big data to create greater efficiency in the criminal justice system; widespread adoption of augmented and virtual reality technologies for entertainment and practical use; and neuroscience innovations bringing us closer than ever to "reading minds".

A new generation of legal scholars, practitioners and visionaries need preparation to assess the legal, ethical and policy implications that arise from these burgeoning technologies, many of which are already entering our public spheres.

The JD/MA in Bioethics & Science Policy can help direct your legal career towards engagement around the policy, regulatory and legal questions raised by innovative and emerging science and technologies. The joint degree program allows you to earn your masters concurrently with your JD with significant tuition relief. For further information, contact Thomas Williams <>.

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Monday, September 28, 2020 - 12:30 to 13:30
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Liddicoat, Madeline
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