Effective Networking for Graduates Students and Postdocs [Registration required]

We have all heard that networking is essential for your career but many of us aren't sure how to go about it effectively. In this workshop, you will learn strategies to help you network more successfully in the U.S. across all types of industries, including academia. We will practice using online tools to make contact with new people and to also maintain your relationships over time.
Please bring a laptop or smart device to make the most of this workshop.

Sponsored by Duke University Career Center, The Graduate School,
Office of Postdoctoral Services

Graduate Student Career Milestones

*Graduate students register by clicking More Event Information below.
**Postdocs register at https://bit.ly/324dfoB

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 10:00 to 11:30
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Graduate School,Office of Postdoctoral Services,Pratt School of Engineering
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Brodhead Center - 068 Multipurpose Room
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http://calendar.duke.edu/images/2019/20190918/3b33284abb6a169816066e8be7f6a554-O-Grad student workshop series_Events@Duke_20190903034740PM.jpg
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