Data Dialogue with John Greaves (USPS): What do the most successful data analytics professionals do to succeed? Hint: it’s more than the technical

Technical training, talent, and commitment are half the battle in the effective craft of advanced data analytics. Successful analytics professionals go beyond these crucial commitments to truly impact their organization and also attain what they want in their careers, work environment and project portfolio
This seminar explores the winning principals of communication, collaboration, and personal leadership to the context of what the data analytics professional experience in industry. The speaker has twenty-five years of experience as a data analytics professional with twenty years of experience training, mentoring, coaching and leading like professionals from the fields of applied mathematics, statistics, computer science and business analytics.

The speaker will also share a few of his favorite tricks in efficiently and effectively analyzing data in a compelling way.

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John Greaves (USPS)
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Friday, January 29, 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00
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+DataScience (+DS),Computer Science,Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE),Information Science + Studies (ISS),Mathematics,Pratt School of Engineering,Social Science Research Institute (SSRI),Statistical Science
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Dawn, Ariel
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