Concept to Commercial with Apple's Beats by Dre & GBA Studios

This episode of DukeCreate & DEMAN LIVE features Duke alum Chris Shaw '08, Executive Producer and Founder of Guilty By Association Studios (GBA Studios) and the global creative team behind their Beats by Dre commercial. He is joined by creatives Zandie Brockett '09 and Cody Grammer '08, as well as Mike Refuerzo, Head of Content Production at Beats by Dre. They will take us behind-the-scenes of the making of the spot, "Daydreaming," share how they are creating globally during quarantine, as well as answer your questions.

About the episode: "Daydreaming" is an animated love story featuring Chengdu rapper Masiwei (part of group Higher Brothers), inspired by recent times of increased isolation, and his latest album Prince Charming. The animation aired on Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Weibo, (on Beats channels and Masiwei's channels), as well as Masiwei's and the animator Robin Velghe's Instagram, in promotion for Beats' new Solo Pro headphones.

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Chris Shaw '08, Cody Grammer '08, & Zandie Brockett '09
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Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 20:00 to 21:00
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DEMAN (Duke Entertainment, Media and Arts Network),Duke Arts
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Erixson, Kevin
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