Experiencing User Experience (UX): An Overview

This workshop will provide an overview of user experience design. Increasing your understanding of this ever-growing field is essential to working with any digital product, regardless of your role with the technology. Come to gain a broad understanding of the field and learn practical tips on how to create a successful user experience. Topics covered will include usability principles, UX research, information architecture, content strategy, and an introduction to different ways to get involved with the field.

Demystifying 3D Printing

So you have an idea? How will you make it? The way in which we develop and manufacture physical products is changing at an exponential rate. Digital manufacturing and new technologies like 3D printing are no longer the tools of deep-pocketed industrialists. These methodologies are quickly replacing massive machines while at the same time enabling concepts like ultra-rapid prototyping, distributed manufacturing, slim production and personalized, custom products. The systems are at a point where they are economically available to nearly everyone.

OIT Training Learn IT @ Lunch - Online Video: How It Changes & Enhances the Way We Learn! 

In the last 3 decades, teachers have moved from the 4 walls of the classroom to the infinite possibilities of the Internet. With ten plus years of online video in the making, training resources using rich media reside everywhere - YouTube, Vimeo, Open Education Resources, lecture-capture inside an LMS, and 3rd party rich media libraries. These resources are becoming fully integrated in the learning space and a matter of choice for the student. As well as this rapid adoption of this technology, witness what we have learned about how online video changes and enhances the way we learn.

GE Info Session

Greetings Duke students,Please join several Duke alumni on the GE Aviation and GE Healthcare recruiting teams Monday, September 14th starting at 5:00 in Schiciano A to learn more about General Electric company and the various employment opportunities available to Duke students. We are looking for highly qualified candidates from Engineering and Computer Science for various summer internship and full time positions. All classes, including Freshmen are encouraged to attend.

Energy Industry Fundamentals - Session 2

**Registration is requested--see link in "Cost" category above.** Energy Industry Fundamentals (EIF) is a series of three primer sessions for students on various facets of the energy industry. Each session will feature presentations from a number of Duke faculty members, who will discuss their research in the context of the greater challenges that the energy industry faces. A variety of disciplines will be represented at each session, from economics and policy to business and technology and more. Session 2 faculty participants: 1. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative; 2.