Workshop/Short Course

An Inventor's Introduction to Intellectual Property

This virtual workshop will discuss the value of a patent, how to read and search for patents, and understanding patent claims. Students, faculty, clinicians, and staff are welcome. No prior knowledge of Intellectual Property is needed.

Registration is required:

Please register on or before Tuesday, September 22nd. A Zoom link will be emailed after completing registration.

Job/Internship Search Group for Graduate Students

Searching for a job or internship this year? Finding a supportive group of people going through similar experiences can be very helpful throughout the process. Join this group to learn how to make the most of your time and energy when searching for a job or internship. In addition to enhancing your community of support, building skills and learning strategies, you will develop an approach that works for you.
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Transforming Your CV to a Resume

Non-academic employers typically request that applicants provide a focused 1-2 page resume instead of a more comprehensive CV. What are the essential accomplishments to include in a resume? How do you identify the relevant qualifications that highlight the best of what you have to offer? In this workshop you'll learn how to convert your CV into a focused, tailored resume that creates a compelling depiction of your significant skills and experiences.

Duke University Union External Engagement Application Due

The EE Committee is an ad-hoc committee of The Duke University Union, created to uphold the mission of providing diverse, community-based programming and media that complements the social, educational, and professional aims of Duke University. Our role is to explicitly and continuously focus on DUU's role in our campus community through conversation, understanding, auditing, collaboration, and community engagement.


In this workshop, expect to familiarize yourself with Photoshop's interface, learn how to crop and resize images, utilize layer masking, and navigate adjustment layers to edit and manipulate images. These skills are just the beginning of the limitless possibilities Photoshop can offer. Participants are encouraged to bring their own photos to work from, or follow along with a supplied photo.

Harmony for Producers

Join Brooks Frederickson, PhD candidate in the Duke music department, for this first in a series of workshops designed to increase your understanding around the theoretical fundamentals of music through examples pulled from current indie, pop, EDM, and hip-hop hits. Producers are encouraged to follow along with their Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice-Ableton, Logic, Garageband, Reaper, Pro Tools, etc.

No prior music theory background or experience needed, all are welcome!

This workshop will address the following questions:

Branding: From Concept To Creation, A Co-Lab Roots Workshop

Join the Co-Lab Roots program for this two-part workshop on branding
Part I: 10am-11:30am | Part II: 12:30pm-2:30pm

Part I: Participants will explore the psychology behind the brands they encounter everyday and examine how their values are manifested through their choices in typography, colors, shapes, graphics and overall style. Through this first part, you will learn the bases to design your own brand(s) (personal or business) or those of potential clients.

Concept to Commercial with Apple's Beats by Dre & GBA Studios

This episode of DukeCreate & DEMAN LIVE features Duke alum Chris Shaw '08, Executive Producer and Founder of Guilty By Association Studios (GBA Studios) and the global creative team behind their Beats by Dre commercial. He is joined by creatives Zandie Brockett '09 and Cody Grammer '08, as well as Mike Refuerzo, Head of Content Production at Beats by Dre. They will take us behind-the-scenes of the making of the spot, "Daydreaming," share how they are creating globally during quarantine, as well as answer your questions.