Technology and the Hybrid Work Environment: Manager Information Session

Is your department struggling to balance staff working on-site and remotely and finding it difficult to keep people connected? Tune in for this manager information session to learn tips, tricks and best practices for some of Duke's collaboration tools. You will also hear about using video tools effectively for connecting those working on-site vs. remotely.

Intro To Arduino

Introduction to Arduino is a beginner-level class that will introduce participants to the exciting world of physical computing. Participants will learn about how to use microcontrollers in a hands-on workshop. We'll work from examples in the Arduino library to make an interactive LED and music project. No prior experience necessary.

From Surviving to Thriving: Creating Global Equity in Supports and Services for Childhood Developmental Disability

The United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals have shifted the focus of support for children with developmental disabilities from mere survival to enabling them to thrive. This webinar will describe work underway to promote global equity in the field of childhood developmental disabilities, building off joint efforts by the World Health Organization and UNICEF to develop a comprehensive approach to providing care and support for children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families.

Redistricting and American Democracy

Join scholars, practitioners, and advocates virtually to take stock of the current legal and political landscape, preview the upcoming redistricting process in North Carolina and elsewhere, and discuss the path forward for redistricting reforms. This conference is an opportunity for Duke students, alumni, and other participants to get engaged in the fight for fairer maps in North Carolina and beyond.

Onshape Certification Preparation (3/3)

★ This workshop is part of the OnShape Certification Track (3/3) ★

This workshop is the final step toward certification for the Onshape CAD application. The goal of this class is to help you prepare for and take the certification exam.

In our first Onshape class we exposed you to the concepts of solid modeling and design. During the second class we dove deeper into various features a designer might need to create a product. Those classes are intended to quickly start a user in an applied setting.

Intro To R

Are you interested in data visualization and data analysis? You've come to the right place. This workshop will cover basic setup, concepts, syntax and visualization in R, an open source programming language for statistical computing. We'll go through a series of exercises step by step, so have no fear!

Create A Website: Styling (Intro To CSS)

So you have created an HTML file, and it holds all your content, but it's lacking inspiration. It is time to add color to your world! In this second class in our Create a Website series, we are introducing a new language: CSS. CSS is the styling language for the web and it can make "most" of our web styling related dreams come true! With that said, CSS is a vast language with loads of possibilities and just like with everything, we must start small to one day go big. This class is geared towards CSS beginners, who have done some HTML work in the past.