Twine: A workshop on how to put the “interactive” in Interactive Fiction and text-based games

In this hands-on workshop you'll discover how easy it is to learn the basics of coding with Twine, and you'll create your own Twine adventure.
Dr. Randall Sadler is an Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Director of the Illinois English as a Second Language (ESL) and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Programs. He teaches courses on telecollaboration and language learning, virtual worlds and language learning and the teaching of L2 reading and writing.
Sponsored by Duke Game Lab and Duke Language Central

Ludic Language Pedagogy: What, How and Why to Teach with Games

This workshop will ask you to consider your underlying assumptions regarding the value of games as a teaching tool. We will cover: what games exist, their affordances for language teaching, why you should consider teaching with them.
James York is an Assistant Professor at Tokyo Denki University, Japan, and is co-editor of LUD.
Sponsored by Duke Game Lab and Duke Language Central.

Lighting up Wireless Communication and Sensing

We are entering a post-smartphone era, where zillions of new wireless devices compete for the already limited radio spectrum (RF) to obtain wireless connectivity. Addressing the problem of spectrum crunch demands radical new thinking. In this talk, speaker Xia Zhou will present her journey in exploring light as a new spectrum territory, which provides ten thousand times wider bandwidth than RF for wireless communication. Additionally, the physical properties of light offer unique benefits for object tracking and behavioral sensing. Dr.

The Power of Deserts: Climate Change, the Middle East, and the Promise of a Post-Oil Era

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The oil-rich countries of the Arabian/Persian Gulf currently face a dual challenge. As climate predictions for their region suggest conditions could become intolerable later this century, renewable energy stands to eclipse demand for oil. What if these countries decide it's in their best interest to turn away from oil, harness their immense solar potential, and emerge as vanguards of global climate action?

CDVS Workshop: Ethics of Data Management and Sharing

This workshop will explore the many different ethical issues that can arise with data management and sharing and strategies to address those issues to ensure that goals set by publishers and funders around reproducibility and reuse can be met. How are researchers expected to comply with data sharing policies and practices when they do not actually own the data or ensure disclosure protection for human participants? Likewise how can researchers ethically collect, handle, and share data from certain communities, such as Indeginous People?

Duke China-U.S. Summit 2021

Duke China-US Summit 2021 registration is OPEN NOW! Be an early RSVP to secure spots at our exclusive workshops and networking sessions:

Themed "Rebuilding 2021: Shared Struggles in China-U.S. relations", Duke China-US Summit will take place on MAR 20 - MAR 21, consisting of 4 panels, featuring 15 distinguished speakers across industry and discipline:

Panel 1: Culture & Society, featuring Ian Johnson, Shaun Rein, Dr. Minghao Zhao, moderated by Dr. Ken Rogerson

SRH Research Symposium

The Working Group for Sexual and Reproductive Health is hosting a research symposium to highlight the important work being done in the Triangle area and connect students to potential opportunities for engagement. The SRH Research Symposium will take place via Zoom on Friday, March 19th from 10:00 to 11:15 a.m. EST. Twelve speakers will be grouped by theme in breakout rooms, where they will give 15-minute informal presentations on current or recent research.

Conversation with NY Times AI Reporter Cade Metz on his new book Genius Makers

Duke alum Cade Metz will discuss his new book, Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World, a sweeping look at the rise of "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) over the last 10 years -- and the decades of history that made this possible. He will also discuss his time at Duke and his path to becoming a New York Times reporter. He will be interviewed by North Carolina State professor Ross Bassett, before taking any and all questions from students. We will raffle off a signed copy of his new book Genius Makers during the talk!

Data Dialogue" Consistency analysis of the financial reports delivered by Piauí and Rio Grande do Sul municipalities to STN and TCE

Short bio: Luiz Schmall works for Petrobras since 2003. At Petrobras he occupied a number of positions and right now, he is the General Manager of Reservoir Technologies. He has a master's degree in Civil Engineering from Brasília University and a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He just graduated from his MBA at Fundação Getúlio Vargas.
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