Annual Invented at Duke Celebration

Co-hosted by Duke OLV & Duke I&E, Invented at Duke celebrates and promotes the diverse accomplishments of Duke innovators and entrepreneurs. The event showcases select technologies, inventions, and novel ideas-illustrating the breadth of Duke discoveries-while also highlighting Duke's innovation and entrepreneurship resources and facilitating discussions among Duke inventors and the broader Duke community.

The (In)visible Organ Documentary Screening

Join us on January 14th for the premiere of The (In)visible Organ documentary and to celebrate Cervical Cancer Awareness month with the release of a documentary film. The 50-min film will be screened live and followed by a brief discussion with the director Andrea Shinyoung Kim, producers, and members from cast.

The (In)visible Organ documentary investigates how the design of technology impacts healthcare, especially when concerning an intimate part of the female body.

Entrepreneurship Matchmaker Event

The EVCC (Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club) Matchmaker event is for cross-school collaboration for students interested in the world of entrepreneurship. It is a place where the brightest students from undergrad, MBA, Medical School, Law School, and Engineering can share their ideas with classmates and join existing teams or form new teams to tackle the world's most challenging problems. This event will be hosted virtually on October 20th and we look forward to advancing entrepreneurship at Duke through the formation of new and cross-functional teams.

Energy Week 2020: Energy Innovation Showcase

Come explore the emerging technologies, creative business models, and new ideas that are propagating the energy space. At the Energy Innovation Showcase, innovative start-ups, incubators, researchers, and investors share their experience and technologies with you in this virtual showcase. Peruse participating organizations' video intros (coming soon) beforehand, and we'll kick off the evening with opening remarks from GRID Alternatives then move into a virtual room** where you can visit organizations' tables to ask questions and learn more.

Energy Week 2020: Power Hour

*Please note that this event is only open to Duke alumni; current Duke students, faculty, staff; and special guests.*

The Duke community (alumni, current Duke students, faculty, and staff) and select special guests will enjoy electrifying conversation and make new professional connections at this virtual networking event on the Remo platform. The winners of the 2020 Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition will be announced and toasted at this event. Organized by the Duke University Energy Initiative.

ONLINE Book Talk: Rachel Lance, Author of "In the Waves," on Solving the Mystery of a Civil War Submarine

On the night of February 17, 1864, the tiny Confederate submarine HL Hunley made its way toward the USS Housatonic outside Charleston harbor. Within a matter of hours, the Union ship's stern was blown open in a spray of wood planks. The explosion sank the ship, killing many of its crew. And the submarine, the first ever to be successful in combat, disappeared without a trace.

Exhibit Opening: Seeing the Invisible: 50 Years of Macromolecular Visualization

Help us celebrate the opening of our newest exhibit in the Chappell Family Gallery. "Seeing the Invisible" explores the history of protein visualization by following the contributions of Duke biochemistry professors Dave and Jane Richardson, who have spent over five decades researching these molecular building blocks of life and finding ways to help both scientists and other people better understand and appreciate their structures.

Karsh Conversations

Do you want to hear from recent graduates about how they navigated their post-Duke experiences? Sign up for Karsh Conversations -- a new and FREE series of dinners in Spring 2020 that will welcome Duke alumni from a variety of industries. Our first conversation will be on January 23rd with Tiana Horn '17! Tiana graduated with a degree in Public Policy and is currently an Associate Software Engineer at ArchiveSocial as well as the CEO/CTO of Flower Child Remedies, Inc.

One Giant Leap: 50 years of Apollo

In 1969, we did the impossible - humans landed on the moon and returned safely to earth. As the 50th anniversary year of the first moon landing draws to a close, join us for an evening of pictures and stories from Project Apollo. We will examine key moments of each mission from Apollo 1 to Apollo 17. The program is appropriate for all ages of people interested in learning more about humanity's first trips to the moon!