Bayesian matrix completion for chemical activity using ToxCast data

High-throughput screening (HTS) is a technology that rapidly and efficiently screens thousands of chemicals for potential activity across different types of biological endpoints. Our goal is to derive posterior probabilities of activity for each chemical by assay endpoint pair, addressing the sparsity of HTS data. We propose a Bayesian hierarchical framework, which borrows information across different chemicals and assay endpoints and facilitates out-of-sample prediction of bioactivity potential for new chemicals.

Data Privacy Day: A Conversation with Neil Richards on his book "Why Privacy Matters"

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In honor of Data Privacy Day 2022, we will be discussing with Professor Neil Richards his recent book "Why Privacy Matters." We will talk about what privacy means and "what privacy isn't," and explore the implications of our country's legal approach to privacy for freedom, democracy, and consumer protection in this information age.

MEMS Seminar: Constrained Control: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

This talk will discuss the technical challenges and theoretical foundations of controlling systems subject to constraints on their inputs and outputs, with a focus on their practical application to real-world problems. The talk will begin with an overview of invariant sets and model predictive control, which are two fundamental tools in constrained control. These tools will be demonstrated through their application to autonomous driving, advanced manufacturing, and cancer treatment. We will then discuss algorithms for real-time optimization and their application to battery cell balancing.

POSTPONED - DATES TBA: Cybersecurity and Fintech Conference: Hosted by Duke University and the FBI Association of Intelligence Analysts


Join Duke University & the FBI Association of Intelligence Analysts for a Cybersecurity and Fintech conference on January 20 & 21.

Scheduled speakers include leading practitioners in areas including ransomware, APTs, threat intelligence best practices, and law enforcement & private sector cooperation.

Attend Virtually or In-Person

About the FBI AIA:

DCRI Research Forum: A Conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, FDA CDRH Director

The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) is pleased to host a discussion and moderated Q&A with Dr. Jeffery Shuren, the FDA's director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, during the first DCRI Research Forum of 2022. Dr. Adrian Hernandez, DCRI executive director, will join Dr. Shuren for a wide-ranging conversation centered around the past, present, and future landscape of medical technology, devices, and diagnostics. CME Credit is available.

FIRG Seminar with Eli Hurvitz: "A Startup Nation Prepared: The Role of Catalytic Philanthropy in Israel's Quest for Excellence"

Israel experienced a sharp decline in the number of its high achievers in mathematics in high schools between 2006 and 2012. The steep falloff placed the "start-up nation" at risk and was cause for public alarm. This talk tells the story of how Israel awoke to this trouble and articulates the strategy that enabled it to reverse and restore its performance. The talk will emphasize the role played within this strategy by catalytic philanthropy.