Create Your First 3D Models With OnShape (1/3)

★ This workshop is part of the OnShape Certification Track (1/3) ★

Central to 3D modeling is the concept of Solid Modeling, this design approach is how most mechanical products you are familiar with are created. In this workshop we will learn easy to use tools that will allow us to make infinitely configurable shapes easily manipulated into complex objects. This class is a good first stop in your journey to creating practical objects. In this course, we will explore tools powerful enough to create useable objects for 3D printing or other applications.

Intro To MySQL

Take this class to learn more about databases. This course will provide students with a basic introduction to the popular open source Database Management System (DBMS) named "MySQL".

Intro To Databases

Come to this course to learn about databases and their importance across a multitude of fields. This class will provide students with a basic introduction to what databases are and how to interact with them.

Inclusive Websites And Accessibility

Become part of making the web better for all people everywhere, and reap the benefits! The goal of this session is to explain the fundamentals of web accessibility and the deluge of unexpected benefits it provides. Improved accessibility always leads to better SEO, UX, device independence, and avoiding embarrassing lawsuits. It will help you win friends and influence people by knowing all the accessibility buzzwords for talking people out of bad ideas. Even if you hate accessibility, you will still like the cat memes.

Ethical Hacking And Practical Pentesting

In this session, we will explore common techniques used by attackers to identify vulnerable systems on a network, and methods used to compromise these systems. We will discuss and demo the stages of a penetration test, and step through each stage with a live demo of popular exploitation techniques. We will also address ethical considerations around performing pentests against other networks, and methods for testing these techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Linux & The Bash Shell

Though we may not be consciously aware, Linux is powering the world around us. From supercomputers, to smartphones, to automobiles; Linux is more often found "under the hood". It's open source nature has lead to hundreds of distributions and wide adaptation throughout the industry. This course aims to explore how to work in the Linux environment. In order to do that we will learn how to use the Bash Shell. Bash is a command line and shell for Unix operating systems.

Intro To Information Security Threats

In this session, we will explore the relationship between vulnerabilities, threats, and exploits. We will learn how attacks against systems occur, and how Security teams can defend against these threats. We will also learn to read vulnerability reports to assess risk to potentially vulnerable systems. We will then use this knowledge to examine the growing risk of running Internet of Things and common applications on the internet, and how to better secure these applications.