CDVS Workshop: Web Mapping

This introductory workshop will teach you how to build interactive online maps. After reviewing fundamental mapping concepts and technologies, we will walk through hands-on activities in Esri's ArcGIS Online. Topics will include: finding geospatial data, designing effective maps, sharing web applications, and using basic spatial analysis tools.

CDVS Workshop: Intro to QGIS

Are you looking for an open source option for GIS to make maps or to analyze geospatial data? In this workshop we will demonstrate how to import and analyze data in QGIS and discuss the benefits of using QGIS over other GIS software. In the process, we'll go over some general GIS concepts such as layers, types of GIS files, and projections, with an emphasis on feature (vector) layers. This is an introductory class, and no prior GIS experience is needed.

CDVS Workshop: R for data science: visualization, pivot, join, regression

R and the Tidyverse are a data-first coding language that enables reproducible workflows. In this two-part workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of R, everything you need to know to quickly get started. You'll learn about visualization using ggplot2, how to make interactive charts for use in dashboards, how to reshape and merge data, and be introduced to models.

CDVS Workshop: Duke Research Data Repository Overview

This workshop will provide an overview of the Duke Research Data Repository and how it can help Duke researchers comply with funder and journal policies as well as meet growing standards around data stewardship and sharing, such as the FAIR Guiding Principles. The general functionalities of the platform as well as tips for submitting data will be discussed. New features will also be demonstrated including a new integration with the Globus platform to support transferring large-scale data.

CDVS Workshop: ArcGIS StoryMaps

This workshop will help you get started telling stories with maps on the ArcGIS StoryMaps platform. This easy-to-use web application combines interactive maps with narrative text, images, and videos to provide a powerful communication tool for any project with a spatial component. We will explore the capabilities of the platform, share best practices for designing effective stories, and guide participants through the process of creating their own story maps.

CDVS Workshop: R for data science: getting started, EDA, data wrangling

R and the Tidyverse are a data-first coding language that enables reproducible workflows. In this two-part workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of R, everything you need to know to quickly get started. You'll learn how to access and install RStudio, how to wrangle data for analysis, gain a brief introduction to visualization, practice Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), and how to generate reports.

CDVS Workshop: Intro to ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is the newer alternative interface to the tried-and-true ArcGIS Desktop software (ArcMap), with essentially the same functions, but with more of a MS-Office feel. As a native 64-bit program, it also has superior performance. There are a few nice feature enhancements such as multiple layouts in a single project, and it's more fully integrated with ArcGIS Online (see schedule for workshops on ArcGIS Online or on StoryMaps).

Student Founder Program Information Session

Interested in registering for the Student Founder Program? Join us for an information session on Wednesday, January 6th from 4pm-5pm EST.

You're welcome in the Student Founder Program regardless of your level of experience with innovation and entrepreneurship. If you have an idea and want to make it real-whether that looks like founding a business, starting a nonprofit, launching a social service, or engineering an invention-you belong in the program. You can participate as an individual, or as part of a team.

Time to put it into practice: A Primer on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in Nursing

The inaugural "Time to Put In Into Practice: A Primer on Artificial Intelligence & its Applications for Nursing" will be held January 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Data Science Research Area of Excellence in the Center for Nursing Research. This workshop event will include four session blocks.

StartupConnect Networking Fair

Interested in summer internships? Exploring your career options? The Startup Connect Networking Fair lets you chat with founders and representatives from dozens of startup organizations from across the country to exchange ideas, ask questions, and learn more about internships and jobs in a low-pressure networking environment. This event is open to all Duke undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Learn more and register: https://entrepreneurship.duke.edu/startupconnect/