MEM Seminar: Malaika Paquiot, Chief Product Officer, Avalanche Insights

Malaika Paquiot is the Chief Product Officer with Avalanche Insights. She is building a world class engineering, data science, design and product management team at the leader in qualitative insights at scale. Malaika is a global manager with strong leadership and business skills with experience presenting to C-level executives as well as leading LEAN teams in the delivery of innovative software products. She also looks at the future of media consumption and distribution via the internet.

Data Visualization With Shiny

Let's say you created some really awesome interactive data viz in R, and you shared the GitHub link with your families. Your family is probably going to be really confused. Not to mention showing all the hard work you did with data manipulation and how you got the conclusion. The good news is Shiny can help you with all of this! Hopefully you've got some Shiny experience. If not, you should checkout the Intro to Shiny workshop at Co-Lab! Look no further, let's go started!

Entrepreneurial Finance - Best Practices

Do you think "Finance" can be interesting? Not so sure?! Well, we tell you "Entrepreneurial Finance" can be super exciting!

Find out for yourself from our session on Financial Planning Best Practices for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Join this session being organized by the IDEA Club & Finance Club (under MEM PDC) and learn how to tackle the challenges and pitfalls of financing new enterprises.

Intro To Shiny

This series is intended to assist students and researchers (with some experience in R) migrate their important work and results from the desktop (R and RStudio) to the web.
Shiny is a package that helps you develop web pages in an R environment. Using Shiny lets people, with no knowledge of R, interact with your data, models and results on a web page. In this new series, hosted by the Innovation Co-Lab and Research Computing, learn how to interactively tell your research story and migrate your important work and results in R and RStudio to the Web.

Intro To R

Are you interested in data visualization and data analysis? You've come to the right place. This workshop will cover basic setup, concepts, syntax and visualization in R, an open source programming language for statistical computing. We'll go through a series of exercises step by step, so have no fear!