MEM Seminar: Erik Anderson, Clinical Applications Specialist, Synaptive Medical

Master of Engineering Management (MEM) students do not need to register for this event. All other Duke students, staff, and faculty interested in attending should e-mail Carey Rudell, Assistant Dir., Professional Development at This event is not open to the general public.

Erik Anderson is a passionate innovator and technology adopter in the medical device space.

Info Session: Policy Pitch Competition (Polis Innovation Accelerator)

Register for the info session (to take place over Zoom):
The Polis Innovation Accelerator aims to foster bold solutions to big problems. As part of this year's Innovation Accelerator events, Polis will host a competition during the Spring 2021 Semester that will give Duke University graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to work in teams to craft policy proposals that offer bold solutions to the year's themes.
4 Policy Areas:

Data Dialogue with Omer Ali, Nick Datto, Pei Yi Zhuo: Race and Home Values in Durham, NC: 1940-2020

We examine the relationship between race and home values in Durham, NC across two units of analysis: the address and census tract. We use historical address-level data from the 1940 full count census as well as contemporary home value data from CoreLogic, a data set of recent home sales. To study census tracts, we relied on summary data from the decennial censuses as well as the American Community Survey. We find that home values are strongly associated with the racial composition of areas.

Condensed Matter Seminar feat. Divine Kumah "Atomic-scale control of emergent phases at complex oxide interfaces"

Complex oxides exhibit a wide range of exciting physical properties including high temperature superconductivity, metal-insulating transitions, and tunable magnetic and electronic phases. The ability to reduce the dimension of these systems in thin films allows for the stabilization of novel electronic and magnetic ground states. The manipulation of these emergent properties is of great interest due to potential applications ranging from spintronics and orbitronics to photonics.

Data Dialogue with John Greaves (USPS): What do the most successful data analytics professionals do to succeed? Hint: it’s more than the technical

Technical training, talent, and commitment are half the battle in the effective craft of advanced data analytics. Successful analytics professionals go beyond these crucial commitments to truly impact their organization and also attain what they want in their careers, work environment and project portfolio

Logo Design Using Adobe Illustrator

All businesses need a logo! In this class, we will go over the different types of logos out there and discuss tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do. We will then create a logo together based on the different brand guides created in a previous workshop, using paper and pencil before moving on to Illustrator. This class assumes that you have opened Illustrator before and know where most tools are located in the interface.

Photoshop 101

This workshop familiarizes participants with a range of Photoshop tools and introduces its extensive opportunities for digital creation. Utilizing this software program, you will learn about adjustment layers, cropping, resizing and image editing and manipulation. Follow along in this interactive setting that allows you to ask live questions to an experienced instructor.