Learning to Generate Data by Estimating Gradients of the Data Distribution

Generating data with complex patterns, such as images, audio, and molecular structures, requires fitting very flexible statistical models to the data distribution. Even in the age of deep neural networks, building such models is difficult because they typically require an intractable normalization procedure to represent a probability distribution.

Leaders in Global Health Seminar Series with Dr. Krista Donaldson

This February, we bring you the next installment of the Global Health Leaders Seminar series from Nimmi Ramanujam and the Center for Global Women's Health Technologies! We will hear from Dr. Krista Donaldson, CEO of Equalize Health, a global team of designers, engineers, medical professionals and business minds whose slogan is "medical technology for everyone."
This virtual event will be Friday February 25st, 12-1pm.

Quantum Computation and Cryptography: A Changing Landscape


Quantum computers will reshape the landscape of cryptography. On the one hand, they threaten the security of most modern cryptosystems. On the other, they offer fundamentally new ways to realize tasks that were never before thought to be possible. In this talk, I will explore the interplay between quantum computation and cryptography, and the many exciting questions at this intersection. I will describe examples that leverage quantum computers to protect against coercion in online elections, and to prevent piracy of software.

Short Biography

Understanding Racism and Bias in Computing

This fourth lecture in the Identity & Computing Lecture Series, Understanding Racism and Bias in Computing welcomes Dr. Ebony McGee, who investigates what it means to be racially marginalized while minoritized in the context of learning and achieving in STEM higher education and in the STEM professions.

Speaker Dr. Ebony McGee is an associate professor of diversity and STEM education at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College.

MEM Seminar: Yvonne Sims, Birlasoft

Yvonne Sims is the Head of Enterprise Solutions Marketing at Birlasoft, which combines the power of domain, enterprise, and digital technologies to reimagine business processes for customers and their ecosystem. She is passionate about leveraging technology to increase efficiency and productivity. She has been with Birlasoft for more than 7 years and previously served as Global Marketing Director and PLM Marketing Manager. Prior to this, she was Assistant Executive Director at IMI Association Executives, Customer Journey Manager at The Redwoods Group, and Project Manager at Red Hat.

Improving People’s Security and Privacy Behaviors

Experts recommend a plethora of advice for staying safe online, yet people still use weak passwords, fall for scams, or ignore software updates. Such inconsistent adoption of protective behaviors is understandable given the need to navigate other priorities and constraints in everyday life. Yet when the actions taken are insufficient to mitigate potential risks, it leaves people - especially those already marginalized - vulnerable to dire consequences from financial loss to abuse and harassment.

Verifiable Machine Learning for Security

In recent years, machine learning techniques have been increasingly applied to many critical problems in the cybersecurity domain, including detecting malware, spam, online fraud, hate speech, etc. However, there are many challenges to reliably deploy these solutions for security applications, since real-world adversaries are constantly trying to evade machine learning systems. My research focuses on solving this problem by increasing the cost for attackers to succeed.