Politics, Policy, and a New Economic Strategy for Rural North Carolina

Fostering economic development and revitalization in rural communities represents one of the most important challenges facing North Carolina and the nation. Join scholars, practitioners, and advocates to take stock of the current economic and political landscape, to consider what a new economic strategy for rural North Carolina could look like, and to consider the policy changes necessary to provide national leadership on rural economic renewal. Themes highlighted include rural identity, access to broadband, political organization and the local example of Wilson, North Carolina.

Women Thriving in STEM

Join the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, the Triangle Women in STEM, and the Duke Women's Center on March 22nd at 6 p.m. as we celebrate how women have thrived and made strides in the fields of STEM! This event will feature a panel of local women leaders, who will discuss how they became interested in STEM and thrived in their fields.

Towards Post-Quantum Cryptography: Complexity and Protocols

The advent of quantum computers places many widely used cryptographic protocols at risk. In response to this threat, the field of post-quantum cryptography has emerged. The most broadly recognized post-quantum protocols are related to lattices. Beyond their resistance to quantum attacks, lattices are instrumental tools in cryptography due to their rich mathematical structure. In this talk, I will present my work on understanding the complexity of lattice problems and on constructing lattice protocols useful in practical scenarios.

New Structured Primitives for Machine Learning

Machine learning models are composed of simple primitives such as matrix multiplication and non-linear transformations. Studying and improving these primitives is critical to advancing the capabilities of ML models: for example, the advent of powerful transformations such as convolutions and self-attention led to breakthroughs in deep learning. However, existing techniques have many drawbacks, including computational inefficiency and difficulty modeling long context.