Women Thriving in STEM

Join the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, the Triangle Women in STEM, and the Duke Women's Center at 6:00 pm ET, Tuesday, March 22 as we celebrate how women have thrived and made strides in the fields of STEM! This event will feature a panel of local women leaders, who will discuss how they became interested in STEM and thrived in their fields.

Zoom Security How-to: When Bad Things Happen to Good Meetings

Please join us as we discuss what you can do to protect virtual meetings from those intent on disrupting them. You can configure options to prevent attacks. But we will also talk about what you can do if the worst happens. There are tools available to you to get your meeting back on track.

Empowering People to Have Secure and Private Interactions with Digital Technologies

Advanced digital technologies rely on collecting and processing various types of sensitive data from their users. These data practices could expose users to a wide array of security and privacy risks. My research at the intersection of security, privacy, and human-computer interaction aims to help all people have safer interactions with digital technologies. In this talk, I will share quantitative and qualitative results on people's security and privacy preferences and attitudes toward technologies such as smart devices and remote communication tools.

Information Leakage in ML Deployments: How, When, and Why?

Machine learning (ML) is widely used today, ranging from applications in medicine to those in autonomous driving. Across all these applications, various forms of sensitive information is shared with the ML model, such as private medical records, or a user's location. In this talk, I will explain what forms of private information can be learnt through interacting with the ML model. In particular, I will discuss when ML model parameters in cloud deployments are not confidential, and how this can be remediated.

Processor Microarchitecture Security

As computer systems grow more and more complicated, various performance optimizations can unintentionally introduce security vulnerabilities in these systems. The vulnerabilities can lead to user information and data being compromised or stolen. Many of the computer processor optimizations often focus on sharing or re-using the processor hardware between different users or programs. This can lead to different types of timing-based security attacks where the sharing or re-using of hardware components influences the timing of the operations performed on the processor.

CDVS Workshop: An Introduction to Reproducible Research Practices

The importance of reproducibility, replication, and transparency in the research endeavor is increasingly discussed in academia. This workshop will introduce the concept of "reproducibility" and foundational strategies that can increase the reproducibility of your work particularly related to organization, documentation, literate coding techniques, version control, and archiving data and code for future access and use. We will also present a protocol, the TIER protocol, as a tool that graduate students or others can use that are first approaching reproducibility.

FinTech Guest Lecture: 'Why I Quit as FDIC Innovation Chief' with Sultan Meghji

Sultan Meghji, former Chief Innovation Officer of the FDIC, will speak about current trends in the field of Financial Technology and his time leading innovation at the FDIC.

Meghji served as the first Chief Innovation Officer at the FDIC until his recent resignation, which he spoke about in his recent op-ed piece on, "Why I Quit as FCID Innovation Chief".

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Coffee and Crypto - with Special Guest, Sultan Meghji

The Coffee and Crypto Chat Series is back for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Join Dr. Jimmie Lenz, the Director of the Master of Engineering Programs in Financial Technology and Cybersecurity, and Lee Reiners, the Executive Director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University, for an informal discussion of the latest crypto news topics.

This month's Coffee and Crypto episode features special guest, Sultan Meghji, former FDIC Innovation Chief.