Russia's Invasion of Ukraine from Orbit: The Role of Space Diplomacy in Modern Conflict - A Space Diplomacy Lab Discussion with Professor Frans von der Dunk

Please join the Space Diplomacy Lab of the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies/Rethinking Diplomacy Program, for a timely discussion with Professor Frans von der Dunk, Harvey and Susan Perlman Alumni and Othmer Professor of Space Law at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln on Friday April 8, 2022.

China, Semiconductors and Global Competition

Semiconductors are a critical technology, powering everything from telecommunications to cars to defense systems. Critically, the innovative nature of the semiconductor industry relies on a deeply globalized supply chain in which the U.S. and Taiwan play outsized roles.

Critically, China is investing heavily to bolster its own semiconductor industry, and the U.S. government is similarly preparing efforts to support the industry as it seeks to retain its historic technological leadership.

Dr. Denis Simon (Duke University) will moderation the China Innovation Series 2022.


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