MEM Seminar: Sunil Gupta, Blue Cross NC

Sunil Gupta is the Director of Advanced Analytics & Lead at the AI/Machine Learning Center of Excellence at Blue Cross NC, a not-for-profit company committed to better health and better health care. Previously, he served as Director of Researcher-centric Data & Analytics Products at IEEE, Director of Research and VP of Engineering at Novus Partners Inc, and Project Lead at Bloomberg LP.

Bayesian matrix completion for chemical activity using ToxCast data

High-throughput screening (HTS) is a technology that rapidly and efficiently screens thousands of chemicals for potential activity across different types of biological endpoints. Our goal is to derive posterior probabilities of activity for each chemical by assay endpoint pair, addressing the sparsity of HTS data. We propose a Bayesian hierarchical framework, which borrows information across different chemicals and assay endpoints and facilitates out-of-sample prediction of bioactivity potential for new chemicals.

Eye movement related eardrum oscillations: How our brains keep our ears in the loop about visual context

Research in the SPACE laboratory is devoted to investigating neural representations of space. We combine theoretical/computational and experimental approaches to study how our brains encode the locations of sights and sounds and how the brain performs computations on different sensory inputs to permit communication between the senses despite a shifting relationship between the eyes and ears across eye movements.

Data Privacy Day: A Conversation with Neil Richards on his book "Why Privacy Matters"

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In honor of Data Privacy Day 2022, we will be discussing with Professor Neil Richards his recent book "Why Privacy Matters." We will talk about what privacy means and "what privacy isn't," and explore the implications of our country's legal approach to privacy for freedom, democracy, and consumer protection in this information age.

Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code

This third lecture in the Identity & Computing Lecture Series: Understanding Racism and Bias in Computing welcomes Dr. Ruha Benjamin, who will examine the relationship between machine bias and systemic racism, analyzing specific cases of "discriminatory design" and offering tools for a socially-conscious approach to tech development.

Speaker Dr. Ruha Benjamin is a professor of African American Studies at Princeton University and author of People's Science: Bodies and Rights on the Stem Cell Frontier (Stanford University Press).