Coffee and Crypto

The Coffee and Crypto Chat Series is back for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Join Dr. Jimmie Lenz, the Director of the Master of Engineering Programs in Financial Technology and Cybersecurity, and Lee Reiners, the Executive Director of the Global Financial Markets Center at Duke University, for an informal discussion of the latest crypto news topics.

Please Register in advance for this meeting by clicking "More Event Information" below. Registration is free.

ECE SEMINAR: Deep Learning Based Medical Image Analysis: Challenges and New Approaches

New technologies for acquiring large amounts of medical image data give rise to an ever increasing demand for effective approaches for medical image analysis tasks. Recently, deep learning (DL) methods have yielded remarkably high quality solutions for many medical imaging applications, largely outperforming traditional image analysis methods. Comparing to natural scene images, medical image analysis faces several different challenges. Commonly, DL methods rely on lots of annotated data for model training.

DSBC Web3 Panel

Join the Duke Sports Business Conference (DSBC) for a discussion about Web3 and sports on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022, from 7:00-8:00pm EST. The event will be hybrid with an in-person screening in Social Sciences Room 124 and a virtual option via Zoom.

The speakers will be Matt Aronson, Founding Partner & President of JDS, Troy Jones Jr., Co-Founder & CEO of StatusPRO, and Natalie Rudd, Head of Strategy at Autograph.


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ATHENA INSTITUTE SEMINAR: Sampling and Prediction for Extreme Events

Multivariate extreme value distributions arise from Extreme Value Theory (EVT) as the necessary class of models when extrapolating a distributional fit over large spatial and temporal scales based on data observed in intermediate scales.

We will discuss our ongoing activities in applying machine learning techniques for prediction and generation of extreme value data. To this end, we will discuss

(i) A new neural network architecture referred to as $d$-max-decreasing neural networks that to the best of our knowledge

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine from Orbit: The Role of Space Diplomacy in Modern Conflict - A Space Diplomacy Lab Discussion with Professor Frans von der Dunk

Please join the Space Diplomacy Lab of the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies/Rethinking Diplomacy Program, for a timely discussion with Professor Frans von der Dunk, Harvey and Susan Perlman Alumni and Othmer Professor of Space Law at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln on Friday April 8, 2022.

China, Semiconductors and Global Competition

Semiconductors are a critical technology, powering everything from telecommunications to cars to defense systems. Critically, the innovative nature of the semiconductor industry relies on a deeply globalized supply chain in which the U.S. and Taiwan play outsized roles.

Critically, China is investing heavily to bolster its own semiconductor industry, and the U.S. government is similarly preparing efforts to support the industry as it seeks to retain its historic technological leadership.

Dr. Denis Simon (Duke University) will moderation the China Innovation Series 2022.