Our World: Three Inflection Points ... and what to do about them

Geoffrey Garrett is returning to Duke for a conversation with the Duke community. He is the 3rd highest ranked LinkedIn Influencer in Money and Finance and Dean of the highest ranked business school in the country.

Garrett is presenting, "Our World: Three Inflection Points .. and what to do about them." Topics will include trade with China, the impact of 5G, job vulnerability and automation, populism, and polarization.

The Future of Cybersecurity Policy: A Breakfast Discussion with Ari Schwartz and Jen Ellis 2/11

Join us for a breakfast discussion with leading cybersecurity policy experts! The experts leading the event are Ari Schwartz, who was one of the leading cybersecurity advisors within the National Security Council during the Obama Administration and now is the Director of the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law and Jen Ellis, who is the Vice President of Community and Public Affairs at Rapid7.

Vaccine Design using Virus-like Particle Platform-based Technologies

Dr. Bryce Chackerian and his laboratory are interested in vaccine development; particularly the use of virus particles as platforms for antigen display. It has long been recognized that highly dense repetitive antigens such as virus particles induce strong immune responses. However, more recent studies from Dr. Chackerian's laboratory has demonstrated that antigens that are normally poorly immunogenic can be made highly immunogenic by displaying them in a multivalent, repetitive format on the surface of virus particles; essentially using viruses as platforms for vaccines. Dr.

Karsh Conversations

Do you want to hear from recent graduates about how they navigated their post-Duke experiences? Sign up for Karsh Conversations -- a new and FREE series of dinners in Spring 2020 that will welcome Duke alumni from a variety of industries. Our first conversation will be on January 23rd with Tiana Horn '17! Tiana graduated with a degree in Public Policy and is currently an Associate Software Engineer at ArchiveSocial as well as the CEO/CTO of Flower Child Remedies, Inc.

Lattice light sheet microscopy: Innovations, Applications, and Future directions

Dr. Legant is an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and Biomedical engineering at UNC, Chapel Hill. His research focuses on developing tools to better understand living specimens at single molecule, cellular, and tissue level length scales. Prior to joining UNC, Dr. Legant did a Postdoc at HHMI where he developed novel light microscopy technologies including Lattice Light Sheet, super resolution structured illumination and single molecule localization microscopy, and adaptive optics for fundamental applications in cell biology.

Why Mentors Matter? How to Build Responsible Research Mentoring at Duke

Join us for an open discussion with three distinguished researchers and their disciples

Moderator: Johnna Frierson, PhD, Assistant Dean for Graduate and Post Doctoral Diversity and Inclusion, School of Medicine
Mentor Anna Gasman-Pines, PhD and Mentee Jane Leer
Mentor Herman Staats, PhD and Mentee Brandi Johnson-Weaver, PhD
Mentor Geeta Swamy, MD and mentee Sarah Wheeler, MD