MEM Seminar: Sunil Gupta, Blue Cross NC

Sunil Gupta is the Director of Advanced Analytics & Lead at the AI/Machine Learning Center of Excellence at Blue Cross NC, a not-for-profit company committed to better health and better health care. Previously, he served as Director of Researcher-centric Data & Analytics Products at IEEE, Director of Research and VP of Engineering at Novus Partners Inc, and Project Lead at Bloomberg LP.

MEM Seminar: Brinda Ramaiya Harper, insightsoftware

Brinda Ramaiya Harper is the Senior Product Manager at insightsoftware, which delivers financial confidence to the Office of the CFO across industries and around the globe. She is also the Founder & Principal at Samadhi Solutions, a management consulting company that focuses on marketplace growth consulting to drive revenue and sales. Previously, she has served as Partner & Launch Programs Director at CrowdfundNC, Director of Product Deployment at Fidelity Investments, and Worldwide Product Marketing Manager at IBM.

MEM Seminar: Deirdre Clarke, Ad Hoc LLC

Deirdre Clarke recently became the Deputy Product Director at Ad Hoc LLC, a digital services company that helps the federal government better serve people. She loves product management and is passionate about determining the right software to build that will make the customers' lives easier. Previously, she has served as Senior Manager at Aha!, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at Bandwidth Inc, and Product Management Director at ARRIS. Deirdre has a BS in Computer Science from Rutgers University.

MEM Seminar: Dilip Bhatia, Lenovo

Dilip Bhatia is the Chief Customer Experience Officer and VP of User & Customer Experience at Lenovo, where he drives the company to achieve its goal of being the leader in the PC, smart device, data center and mobility space. He has been with Lenovo for more than 20 years and served various roles such as VP of Global Marketing and Executive Director of WW Desktop Product Marketing. Prior to this, he worked for IBM as the Program Director of Product Marketing. Dilip has an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill and a BS in Computer Engineering from NC State.

MEM Seminar: Jagan Cuddapah, Google

Jagan Cuddapah is the Head of NA Media & Entertainment: Customer Experience at Google, where he leads a team of account managers, customer experience managers, engagement managers, and engineers to build and deliver cloud-based solutions for customers. He has served various roles throughout his career such as the Director of Strategy & Customer Success at CA Technologies, Senior Product Manager at Standard & Poor's, and Senior Consultant at Deloitte.

MEM Seminar: Adriana Pérez, Wood

Adriana Pérez is the Enterprise Growth Acceleration Lead at Wood, a global leader in consulting and engineering across energy and the built environment. She is a highly energetic, business goals oriented professional, focused on achieving project excellence, and business winning strategies, with a focus in penetrating new markets. She has been with Wood for more than 10 years and served various roles such as Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Mechanical Engineer. Prior to this, she worked for Technip as the Lead Equipment Engineer and Project Engineer.

MEM Seminar: Adam Orentlicher, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting NA

Adam Orentlicher is the Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer with Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting NA, a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in various sectors. He provides transformative software engineering & product leadership for enterprise SaaS and software initiatives, and is passionate in delivering ROI via empowered teams, globally. He was previously at IBM for 20 years where he was VP of Development and Director of Product Management & Development. Adam has a BS in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Albany.

MEM Seminar: Claudia Sandoval Antunez, IBM

Claudia Sandoval Antunez works in Global Supply Assurance and Services Supply Chain with IBM, a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. She has been with IBM for more than 14 years and served various roles such as Supply Chain Integration Operations Leader, Quality Engineering Manager, and OEM PM Procurement Quality Engineer. Claudia has a MS in Quality and Productivity with a sub-specialty in Supply Chain and a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

FIRG Seminar with Eli Hurvitz: "A Startup Nation Prepared: The Role of Catalytic Philanthropy in Israel's Quest for Excellence"

Israel experienced a sharp decline in the number of its high achievers in mathematics in high schools between 2006 and 2012. The steep falloff placed the "start-up nation" at risk and was cause for public alarm. This talk tells the story of how Israel awoke to this trouble and articulates the strategy that enabled it to reverse and restore its performance. The talk will emphasize the role played within this strategy by catalytic philanthropy.

MEM Seminar: Malaika Paquiot, Chief Product Officer, Avalanche Insights

Malaika Paquiot is the Chief Product Officer with Avalanche Insights. She is building a world class engineering, data science, design and product management team at the leader in qualitative insights at scale. Malaika is a global manager with strong leadership and business skills with experience presenting to C-level executives as well as leading LEAN teams in the delivery of innovative software products. She also looks at the future of media consumption and distribution via the internet.