Information Session

Understanding Duke Finances for Faculty Session II: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Financial Model of Duke University

Do you have questions about how Duke University's budget works, about its sources of revenue, how it pays for its extensive operations at all levels of the university and how it deals with financial challenges such as those posed by COVID-19? To get a better understanding of Duke's finances and to hear answers to these and related questions, faculty are invited to two sessions about Duke finances with Tim Walsh, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer.

A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy: Online Festival Strategy for Documentary Filmmakers

A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy | FREE WEBINAR

As more festivals make the move online, documentary directors are left questioning, what is the right path for their films?

Join Full Frame director Deirdre Haj with Submarine Entertainment co-president Josh Braun, filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz, and Sub-Genre founder Brian Newman for a discussion on emerging strategies for nonfiction filmmakers, where they will tackle the most pressing concerns and questions about the changing festival landscape.

Get a Free Durham Library Card

Duke students, faculty, and staff can get free access to tons of digital and print content that the public library offers but that Duke's libraries don't! Drop by our table and sign up. It's quick, easy, and free!

The Durham County Library will have a registration table in Perkins Library on West Campus, in the lobby in front of the entrance to the Perk Cafe (Von Der Heyden Pavilion).

Click on "More Event Information" for details on what forms of ID to bring with you.

Biomedical Data Integration Towards Precision Digital Health

Technology and innovation can also incorporate genetic, environmental, and lifestyle information. We are collecting and using this multi-scale biomedical data to gain a more precise understanding of health and disease at molecular and physiological levels and developing actionable, predictive health models for improving cardiometabolic outcomes. We are simultaneously developing tools for the digital health community, including the Digital Biomarker Discovery Pipeline (DBDP), to facilitate the use of mobile device data in healthcare.

Open Session with Architects of the Lilly Library Renovation

As you might have heard, Lilly Library is scheduled to be renovated and expanded over the next two years, starting in summer 2020. Construction is expected to last two years.

Curious to know more about the Lilly Project? We'll be hosting a public open session with architects from the firm Dewing Schmid Kearns, who will share previews of the building plans and renderings, walk you through the changes in store, and answer your questions.