Lattice light sheet microscopy: Innovations, Applications, and Future directions

Dr. Legant is an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and Biomedical engineering at UNC, Chapel Hill. His research focuses on developing tools to better understand living specimens at single molecule, cellular, and tissue level length scales. Prior to joining UNC, Dr. Legant did a Postdoc at HHMI where he developed novel light microscopy technologies including Lattice Light Sheet, super resolution structured illumination and single molecule localization microscopy, and adaptive optics for fundamental applications in cell biology.

Spring Career Fair

Come to our Spring Career Fair to meet representatives from over 60 companies from a wide variety of industries. All students are encouraged to attend - even if you are in your first year, or unsure about career paths, come chat with recruiters! Check out our Digital Career Fair Guide ( for a list of companies and additional information.

CDVS Workshop: Research Data Management 101 for Humanists

Humanists work with various media, content and materials (sources) as part of their research. These sources can be considered data. This workshop will introduce data management practices for humanities scholars to consider and apply throughout the research lifecycle. Good data management practices pertaining to planning, organization, documentation, storage and backup, sharing, citation, and preservation will be presented through a humanities lens with discipline-based, concrete examples.

A Solar Geoengineering and Global Income Inequality Paradox

Exploring heterogeneity in the economic impacts of solar geoengineering is a fundamental step towards understanding the risk tradeoff associated with a geoengineering option. To evaluate the impacts of solar geoengineering and greenhouse gas-driven climate change on equal terms, we apply macroeconomic impact models that have been widely applied to climate change impacts assessment. Consistent reduction in inter-country inequality can inform discussions of the distribution of impacts of solar geoengineering, a topic of concern in geoengineering ethics and governance debates.

The Business of Books: An Insider's Look at 21st Century Publishing

Leaders of two top publishing houses - a trade press and an academic press - offer insights on navigating the world of book publishing now, and discuss where the industry is heading.

Featuring Julia Reidhead, President of W.W. Norton & Company, and Dean Smith, Director of Duke University Press, in a conversation moderated by Ed Balleisen, Duke Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies.

Light lunch provided.

Free, but space is limited. To reserve a spot, please register by clicking on the link for more event information below.