Co-opting AI? Data Capitalism & Predictive Intelligence

This will be a conversation between Luciana Parisi (Duke) and Ezekiel Dixon-Román (University of Pennsylvania) on "Machine Learning is a Co-opting Machine" and "Designing AI with Justice" from the "Co-opting AI" series (Public Books). This conversation considers how discourses of co-opting AI need to understand how statistical and computational predictive intelligence works, what techno-social systems are, and their limits.

What Happens When Netflix Is Dead?

Join us to discuss the legal future of our cultural heritage. This presentation by Kyle K. Courtney (Harvard University) and Will Cross (NC State University) will address how copyright law and the licensing systems that have now become so prevalent for consumer-licensed content--such as through Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes--are jeopardizing the ability of libraries and archives to preserve those works and make them available to researchers in the future.

TEDxDuke 2020

TED began as a conference where Technology, Entertainment, and Design converged. TED events start on a global scale, but through independently-run TEDx events - like the Duke and Durham community - can spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. This year, the theme is (un)familiar! The idea of this theme is to challenge what we think we know.

AMERICAN FACTORY - Full Frame Road Show Winter Series

In 2008 General Motors closed its assembly plant in Dayton, Ohio. More than 2,500 workers lost their jobs. Six years later, Fuyao, a Chinese company manufacturing automobile glass, purchased the plant. The announcement of new owners sparked hope for many residents who had struggled to find jobs after GM shuttered. As Fuyao moved into the U.S. market, its new factory would employ Chinese and American workers.

Here to Hear // Hear to Here Opening Reception

Join us to celebrate the opening of Here to Hear // Hear to Here, an interactive audio installation by musician and artist Brooks Frederickson.

Here to Hear // Hear to Here is an interactive audio installation that invites you to put on headphones and sing specific pitches following helpful cues. The sound of your voice triggers music to play-never the same, and only if you sing on key.