IDEATE: A Virtual Designathon

IDEATE: A Design Thinking & Innovation Conference is a HackDuke event whose objective is to teach students the importance of design and design-thinking in an evolving tech/business world. Our hope is that this conference will inspire students from all backgrounds to incorporate design thinking as part of their innovation process and to use it as a tool in their tech and business-related endeavors.

Global Data Economy Policy

Audrey Plonk will talk with Professor David Hoffman about the global data economy policy. Audrey Plonk has been called in the past the most influential person in cybersecurity policy. She now has a broader role at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to drive public policy analysis and solutions for the global data economy. Audrey will discuss her work with the OECD and how she has navigated her career as a leading global policy expert and mother to two young girls. Click on the link "More Information" for Zoom registration sign up. It's also here:

Ideation Bootcamp: Accelerate Into Blockchain

The entrepreneurs building the companies of tomorrow and the innovators shaping the companies of tomorrow need a consistent framework to create a meaningful idea, generate proof the world needs it, and then bring it to life. Throughout the summer, Duke students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) can participate in Ideation Bootcamps offered by online accelerator Rev in partnership with Duke I&E and the Pratt School of Engineering.

A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy: Online Festival Strategy for Documentary Filmmakers

A&E IndieFilms Speakeasy | FREE WEBINAR

As more festivals make the move online, documentary directors are left questioning, what is the right path for their films?

Join Full Frame director Deirdre Haj with Submarine Entertainment co-president Josh Braun, filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz, and Sub-Genre founder Brian Newman for a discussion on emerging strategies for nonfiction filmmakers, where they will tackle the most pressing concerns and questions about the changing festival landscape.

Surveillance and Security After the Lockdown: Lessons from the 9/11 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused policy makers around the world to consider how and when surveillance tools and personal data collection should be used in the name of public health and safety. Professors David Schanzer, David Hoffman, Shane Stansbury and Jolynn Dellinger will discuss how policy can properly achieve both privacy and public safety.

Registration is required to gain access to the event: http://duke.is/NhzKjw
After registering, a confirmation email will be sent with the Zoom meeting link.

The Path Ahead for the Energy Industry with Secretary Ken Salazar

Times have rarely been more tumultuous in the energy industry. Oil price wars and decades-low demand have created challenges rarely experienced previously.

The Duke University Energy Initiative, in partnership with the Colorado Energy & Water Institute (CEWI), is pleased to present a complimentary webinar with Secretary Ken Salazar, who served as the 50th Secretary of the Interior, Colorado United States Senator, and Colorado Attorney General. Secretary Salazar is currently the Partner-in-Charge of the Denver Office at the international law firm of WilmerHale.

Cybersecurity Field in the Age of COVID-19 [Registration Required]

Shelley Westman, EY Partner/Principal and cybersecurity lead for the Southeast Region, and Deirdre Diamond, Founder & CEO of CyberSN.com, a cybersecurity research and staffing firm, will discuss cybersecurity employment opportunities in the age of COVID-19. Q&A will follow brief remarks from the speakers. Carey Rudell, Professional Development Coordinator for Pratt Master's Programs, will moderate. All registrants will receive Zoom login information after registration is complete.

ONLINE Book Talk: Rachel Lance, Author of "In the Waves," on Solving the Mystery of a Civil War Submarine

On the night of February 17, 1864, the tiny Confederate submarine HL Hunley made its way toward the USS Housatonic outside Charleston harbor. Within a matter of hours, the Union ship's stern was blown open in a spray of wood planks. The explosion sank the ship, killing many of its crew. And the submarine, the first ever to be successful in combat, disappeared without a trace.