How I Accidentally Became an Entrepreneur

Chikai Ohazama is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Google Ventures. Chikai co-founded Keyhole, which was acquired by Google in 2004 and became what we now know as Google Earth. He was one of the first product managers when the Geo group was initially formed within Google, and over the years he has led key efforts like satellite imagery, monetization, and mobile maps. He most recently worked at Niantic Labs where he led the Field Trip product. Prior to Keyhole, Chikai worked at Silicon Graphics in the Advanced Graphics Division. Chikai has a B.E.

Catalyzing Impact through Investment

RSVP here: https://orgsync.com/118000/events/1228595/occurrences/2754172How can an innovative investment intermediary work with funds, governments, and enterprises to catalyze the impact investment market across a country? Nick O'Donohoe, former Global Head of Research at JP Morgan, will talk about the foundation of Big Society Capital and its work dedicated to the development of social impact investing in the UK.

Made to Stick for the Social Sector: The Quest for Messages That Resonate

Why do some ideas thrive while others die? And how do we improve the chances of worthy ideas? Join us October 29th as Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, talks about Made to Stick for the Social Sector: The Quest for Messages That Resonate. RSVP here: https://orgsync.com/118000/events/1228586/occurrences/2754133Dan is the co-author, along with his brother Chip, of three New York Times bestsellers: Decisive, Switch, and Made to Stick.

How advancing technologies are making it possible for engineers to solve humanity's grand challenges

Vivek Wadhwa will explain how, with the convergence of fields such as artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics, and medicine, it is becoming possible to solve the problems that have long plagued humanity. Entrepreneurs can now do what only governments and big research labs could do before in solving these and they can wipe out entire industries. He will highlight some of the technologies that entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and the world are creating and the impact these will have. Bio: Wadhwa is Executive in Residence at the Pratt School of Engineering.

Building Commercial Success: Then and Now

Bill New is the cofounder of Nellcor, which first developed and marketed pulse oximetry systems -- that thing a nurse puts on your finger to determine your blood oxygen levels. He holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Stanford and earned his MD and was the chief resident in anesthesiology at Duke Medicine. His talk will focus on the challenges he faced when starting Nellcor and a subsequent business venture, Natus, that developed a device that determines if a baby barely 24 hours old can hear.

Experiencing User Experience (UX): An Overview

This workshop will provide an overview of user experience design. Increasing your understanding of this ever-growing field is essential to working with any digital product, regardless of your role with the technology. Come to gain a broad understanding of the field and learn practical tips on how to create a successful user experience. Topics covered will include usability principles, UX research, information architecture, content strategy, and an introduction to different ways to get involved with the field.

Demystifying 3D Printing

So you have an idea? How will you make it? The way in which we develop and manufacture physical products is changing at an exponential rate. Digital manufacturing and new technologies like 3D printing are no longer the tools of deep-pocketed industrialists. These methodologies are quickly replacing massive machines while at the same time enabling concepts like ultra-rapid prototyping, distributed manufacturing, slim production and personalized, custom products. The systems are at a point where they are economically available to nearly everyone.

Energy Industry Fundamentals - Session 2

**Registration is requested--see link in "Cost" category above.** Energy Industry Fundamentals (EIF) is a series of three primer sessions for students on various facets of the energy industry. Each session will feature presentations from a number of Duke faculty members, who will discuss their research in the context of the greater challenges that the energy industry faces. A variety of disciplines will be represented at each session, from economics and policy to business and technology and more. Session 2 faculty participants: 1. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative; 2.

Triangle Health Innovation Challenge

The Triangle Health Innovation Challenge (THInC), held on Duke's campus from September 18th-20th, is a three-day health hackathon that will bring together 200 students, clinicians, engineers, designers and others from the Triangle area to form teams and tackle issues facing healthcare.Over the course of three days, participants will develop, implement, test and pitch solutions to address specific pain points in healthcare. Participants will have an opportunity to compete for prizes up to $4000.