The Doomsday Calculation: Quantifying Future Risks

Many of the future risks that most concern us-from global nuclear war to catastrophic climate change to out-of-control artificial intelligence-have no precedent. In trying to evaluate such risks we cannot rely on statistics, human experience, or even a complete understanding of the underlying science. William Poundstone, author of The Doomsday Calculation, talks about the burgeoning and sometimes controversial use of Bayesian reasoning and indirect evidence to help quantify existential risks.

Paris to Pittsburgh Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Get inspired by how everyday Americans are taking action on climate change by watching the documentary Paris to Pittsburgh. Then learn what's happening right here in NC from expert panelists, including Jeremy Tarr, policy advisor to Gov. Roy Cooper. Organized by the Nicholas School Energy Club as part of Energy Week at Duke.

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Tyler Priest (Energy Transition Speaker Series)

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How and why does the petroleum industry extract oil and gas from deepwater (beyond 1,300-foot depths)? And how long will it last? During 2007-2012, 50 percent of the 170 billion barrels of global conventional oil (and gas equivalent) discovered by industry was in deepwater. Global output from these depths is projected to double by 2030, to 14 million barrels/day. This presentation will explain the history of petroleum extraction beyond the edge of the continental shelf and discuss its implications for the future of energy.

Why Mentors Matter? How to Build Responsible Research Mentoring at Duke

Join us for an open discussion with three distinguished researchers and their disciples

Moderator: Johnna Frierson, PhD, Assistant Dean for Graduate and Post Doctoral Diversity and Inclusion, School of Medicine
Mentor Anna Gasman-Pines, PhD and Mentee Jane Leer
Mentor Herman Staats, PhD and Mentee Brandi Johnson-Weaver, PhD
Mentor Geeta Swamy, MD and mentee Sarah Wheeler, MD

Carbon Simulation Game Night

Co-sponsored by the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions; Energy Initiative; and the Center for Energy, Development, and the Global Environment

Carbon trading game night! Join us on Sept. 19 for an interactive Emissions Trading System (ETS) simulation by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Using the EDF CarbonSim tool, this session will help students gain valuable ETS experience in a risk-free, entertaining, and fast-paced learning environment.