Book Signing

ONLINE Book Talk: Rachel Lance, Author of "In the Waves," on Solving the Mystery of a Civil War Submarine

On the night of February 17, 1864, the tiny Confederate submarine HL Hunley made its way toward the USS Housatonic outside Charleston harbor. Within a matter of hours, the Union ship's stern was blown open in a spray of wood planks. The explosion sank the ship, killing many of its crew. And the submarine, the first ever to be successful in combat, disappeared without a trace.

OIT Training - Making Informed Decisions with Qualtrics

In addition to routine surveys and forms, there are a lot of tools Qualtrics offers to allow you to fine-tune the way you reach out to respondents, collaborate with colleagues, and collect data. And once you've collected them, it offers several different ways to access and use the responses you receive. This session will introduce some of the tools Qualtrics offers and examine ways to figure out what the data you've collected can tell you and how to share and report it. Learn IT @ Lunch is an opportunity to learn about technology in a relaxed lunch environment.

The Doomsday Calculation: Quantifying Future Risks

Many of the future risks that most concern us-from global nuclear war to catastrophic climate change to out-of-control artificial intelligence-have no precedent. In trying to evaluate such risks we cannot rely on statistics, human experience, or even a complete understanding of the underlying science. William Poundstone, author of The Doomsday Calculation, talks about the burgeoning and sometimes controversial use of Bayesian reasoning and indirect evidence to help quantify existential risks.

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

A conversation & book signing with John Carreyrou T'94, author & investigative journalist for The Wall Street Journal.

Duke alum John Carreyrou will discuss and sign his bestselling book about the rise and fall of the blood-testing firm Theranos. It's a fascinating tale of Silicon Valley ambition and deceit - and the great journalism that uncovered the truth. The Regulator bookstore will be present to sell copies of the book on site. John will be signing books after the event.

CANCELED - OIT Training Learn IT @ Lunch: Digital Flyers: Design tips on creating engaging flyers (and an overview of DukeFlyer 2.0)

Creating digital flyers can be fun and easy. This event will take you through the process on how to use existing templates to create a compelling flyer in familiar applications such as PowerPoint. Once you've created your flyer, we will review how you can submit it for inclusion on many of the 100s of digital signs located across all of Duke's campuses using the DukeFlyer 2.0 system. Learn IT @ Lunch is designed to be an opportunity to learn about technology in a relaxed lunch environment. Each session includes a presentation followed by Q & A.